Resource Partners

Community Democracy Workshop is collaborating with and also supported financially by the following resource and research partners.

Annie E Casey Logo

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is devoted to developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes.

Our work focuses on strengthening families, building stronger communities and ensuring access to opportunity, because children need all three to succeed. We advance research and solutions to overcome the barriers to success, help communities demonstrate what works and influence decision makers to invest in strategies based on solid evidence.


The Ford Family Foundation offers a collection of programs in support of our Mission:

The Successful Citizens component of our Mission addresses the various stages of an individual’s growth — from developing children to educating youth to finally becoming a contributing community member.

The Vital Rural Communities component supports the development of communities — from leadership training to capacity building to economic vitality.


In the early 1970s, the Kettering Foundation reorganized itself as a private operating foundation. Instead of making grants, the foundation began conducting its own research. Working with outside collaborators, Kettering staff began exploring fields such as education, urban affairs, science and technology, and international relations. As that work evolved, researchers at the foundation began to believe that lasting solutions to the world’s problems were increasingly social and political in nature rather than technical and scientific. Moving away from its tradition of basic scientific research, the foundation began to focus on basic political research—striving to understand how citizens and political systems can work together. Since the early 1990s, the foundation has researched how democracy can be strengthened. The foundation’s primary research question today is, what does it take to make democracy work as it should?

marguerite casey foundation_logo

Marguerite Casey Foundation exists to help low-income families strengthen their voice and mobilize their communities in order to achieve a more just and equitable society for all.

We imagine a just and equitable society for all, where all children are nurtured to become compassionate, responsible and self-reliant adults; where families are engaged in the life of their communities, the nation, and the world; and where people take responsibility for meeting today’s needs as well as those of future generations.

Philanthropy Northwest is the network for philanthropists of all types who are committed to Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. We promote, facilitate and drive collaborative action by community investors to build resilient, equitable and inclusive communities.

We are a powerful point of connection between local, regional and national conversations.

We are an incubator for innovative collaborations between and among philanthropists, nonprofits, business, government, citizens and communities.

We are where different forms of capital come together to create social impact.

Our mission-driven consulting team, The Giving Practice, serves philanthropists regionally and nationally with innovative, highly customized projects.


The mission of the RP Group is that through professional development and research, the RP Group strengthens the ability of California community colleges to undertake high quality research, planning, and assessments that improve evidence-based decisionmaking, institutional effectiveness, and success for all students.

TCE logo

The California Endowment’s mission is to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians.

We don’t focus on prescriptions.

We focus on fixing broken systems and outdated policies, ensuring the balance of power is with the people. We don’t focus on the individual, we focus on the larger community as an ecosystem of health. We work with citizens and elected leaders to find lasting solutions to impact the most people we possibly can.


Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation affirms its founder’s vision who envisioned a thriving and prosperous Arkansas that benefits all Arkansans.

The mission of WRF is to improve the lives of Arkansans in three inter-related areas: education, economic development, and economic, racial, and social justice.

We pursue this mission through strategic grantmaking and partnerships, and using our voice, to help close the economic and educational gaps that leave too many Arkansas families in persistent poverty. Understanding that moving Arkansas from poverty to prosperity takes time, WRF invests for the long term in efforts that promise sustained and positive impact for Arkansas. The Foundation is committed to the development, promotion, and support of activities, programs, and organizations that address education, economic development, and economic, racial, and social justice. Working together, the needle can and must move from poverty to prosperity for all Arkansans.